Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finding New Clients

One thing I have learned so far is that advertising and marketing never end. As I am setting up my bookkeeping business I have been shopping around getting prices. I'm in a fraternity so I have a large network of people that I can use as a resource.

One of my fraternity brothers designs and publishes websites. I called him asking about the prices, and BAM he was like yeah we can help you out as long as you give us some hints about using quickbooks better and better bookkeeping techniques.

This was me looking for services and establishing a potential client. Also if you think about the future, If I do a good job explaining it to him he can spread my business's name out there to other small businesses that contact him.

Its funny who you encounter and the timing life has, in the past few months since my inception of this idea, I have heard of friends and family who are planning to start up a small business. Hopefully I will be faster in the establishment area so when they are ready to start I will be at their doorstop the next day with my bookkeeping services.

Change of focus

Im going to use this blog to track my progress in creating my first business and the expansion and growth.

Currently I am trying to establish a bookkeeping business that focuses on small business start ups and small businesses already in existance.

What I have done so far:

With my quickBooks business I have written my ideas down for where I want this business to go. Im in limbo on if I want this to become my core money maker or just cash on the side. Im leaning to it being just cash on the side at least for now.

I've learned a great deal in the past few months by going to the library and checking out books about bookkeeping. It really is an important function for business because it sets everything up for the accountant. It plays hand in hand with tax planning and planning out the business' future on how it will record the different inflows and outflows of the business.

Right now Im at a road block though because I have only some experience. I am doing bookkeeping for my friend's business as well as my dad's but Im having trouble finding more clients.

Its funny im having trouble finding clients but at the same time Im not having trouble finding my ideal clients.

Well I'll post another post soon about that.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

About this blog

My name is Osvaldo Valdes and I am finishing up an accounting degree at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL.

I thought of creating this blog while in the library researching and learning about various topics that in encounter. I figured if I am doing all this research learning and expanding my knowledge base I should share it with the community.

So I hope you check out my future blogs and follow my findings.

Good Luck